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SOCI 004B: Introduction to Contemporary Social Thought (SC)

Sociology 4B: Introduction to Contemporary Social Thought - Braulio Muñoz - Fall 2016

Need to cite in a hurry?

These quick citation builders create formatted citations from the source information (e.g. author, title, year published).

Important caveat: It's essential to proofread your citations before submitting them to your professor.  Citation builders are time-savers, but they frequently add stray punctuation marks and create other errors.


AAA Style requires indenting each reference after the first line. Having trouble getting that to work?  Here are a few links that can help.


The most commonly used publication styles are created by the Modern Languages Association, the American Psychological Association, and the University of Chicago.

  • APA: Style set by the American Pyschological Association. (Commonly used in Social Science.)
  • Chicago: Style set by University of Chicago. (Commonly used in Humanities.) 
  • MLA: Style of the Modern Language Association.  (Commonly used in Languages and Literatures.)

(No matter what style your professor requests, a citation manager can help you organize and cite your sources, and so can a librarian.)