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PSYC 025: Research Design and Analysis (SC)

Psychology 025: Research Design and Analysis (Benton, Blanchar, Zinszer) Fall 2020 This guide supports the study of the fundamental questions about the forulation and evaluation of theories in psychology.


Keyword Searching in PsycINFO

Construct your search using the keywords and/or phrases relevant to your topic.

  • Use OR to search both keywords/phrases
  • Quotation marks can be used to search for phrases (e.g. "interspecies interaction")
  • Truncation searches for variants of a word. Use an asterisk (*) at the root (e.g. emotion* searches for emotions, emotional, etc.)
  • AND combines the search components to find results with both components in the record

Keyword searching is useful when you are new to a topic or when there is a new area of research that has not been assigned an APA subject heading yet. For example, "microaggressions" is a fairly new area of research and was just added in 2015 as a formal subject heading.


Advanced Search Tutorial