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PSYC 025: Research Design and Analysis (SC)

Psychology 025: Research Design and Analysis (Benton, Blanchar, Zinszer) Fall 2020 This guide supports the study of the fundamental questions about the forulation and evaluation of theories in psychology.


HappinessWelcome to the research guide for Research Design and Analysis. This guide is a starting point to find sources on various topics related to your group assignment which includes evaluating the psychological literature to inform your research question, finding empirical journal articles, and writing a final paper in the style of an American Psychological Association (APA) journal article.  

When starting out, it helps to get some basic information on a topic and to be familiar with how it is discussed in the literature, and the scientific terms currently in use. Reference books and online reference portals (such as those in the Encyclopedias & Handbooks tab) are excellent for getting down fundamental concepts in short order.

For journal articles, use PsycINFO or Google Scholar.

Finishing up your paper will require proper documentation of your sources. The Citing Sources tab has example for citing the major types of sources: journals, books, websites.