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International Country Risk Guide - Researcher Dataset

ICRG Researcher dataset

The ICRG Researcher Dataset provides annual averages of the components of ICRG's political, financial, and economic risk ratings for individual countries. Dataset access is restricted to Tri-College Libraries faculty, students, and staff only. These files are available for research and educational use and are not to be used for commercial purposes.


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About the Dataset

The ICRG (International Country Risk Guide) Researcher Dataset from the Political Risk Services (PRS) Group comprises 22 variables forecasting three subcategories of risk (political, financial, and economic), for 146 countries, since 1984. Political, financial and economic data are collected and converted into risk ratings for each variable. The dataset provides annual averages of the components of the ICRG Risk Ratings published in the International Country Risk Guide.

For more information on the ICRG ratings:

Table 3B: twelve components of political risk; assesses a country's political stability:

  • Government Stability
  • Socioeconomic Conditions
  • Investment Profile
  • External Conflict
  • Corruption
  • Military in Politics
  • Religion in Politics
  • Law and Order
  • Ethnic Tensions
  • Democratic Accountability
  • Bureaucracy Quality

Table 4B: five components of financial risk; assesses a country's ability to finance its official, commercial, and trade debt obligations:

  • Total Foreign Debt as % of GDP
  • Debt Service as % of Exports of Goods and Services
  • Current Account as % of Exports of Goods and Services
  • International Liquidity as Months of Import Cover
  • Exchange Rate Stability as % Change

Table 5B: five components of economic risk; assesses a country's economic strengths and weaknesses:

  • GDP Per Capita
  • Real Annual GDP Growth
  • Annual Inflation Rate
  • Budget Balance as % of GDP
  • Current Account as % of GDP