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Physics Citation Examples

Unlike some science disciplines, there is no standard citation style for Physics or Astronomy. If your professor doesn't specify a certain style, here are some examples of citation styles of a variety of Astronomy & Physics references:

Journal Paper

Cohen D. H., Leutenegger M. A., Wollman E. E., Zsargo ́ J., Hillier D. J., Townsend R. H. D., Owocki S. P., 2010, MNRAS, 405, 2391

C. H. Crouch, O. Sauter, X. Wu, R. Purcell, C. Querner, M. Drndic, and M. Pelton, Nano Lett. 10, 1692 (2010).

Book (Where specific pages of a book are cited, these should be given at the text citation, not in the reference list.)

Hamann W.-R., Feldmeier A., Oskinova L. M., eds, 2008, Clumping in Hot Star Winds. Universitatsverlag, Potsdam

Donat, W., III, & Boksenberg, A. J. 1993, The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1994, Vol. 2 (2nd ed.; Washington, DC: GPO)

Paper or Chapter in a Collection

Huchra, J. P. 1986, in Inner Space/Outer Space, ed. E. W. Kolb et al. (Chicago, IL: Univ. Chicago Press), 65

Conference Proceedings

Salpeter, E. E., & Wasserman, I. M. 1993, in ASP Conf. Ser. 36, Planets around Pulsars, ed. J. A. Phillips, S. E. Thorsett, & S. R. Kulkarni (San Francisco, CA: ASP), 345


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