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Check Bryn Mawr's, Haverford's, or Swarthmore's library websites for additional resources during COVID-19.

ENGL 201: Chaucer: Canterbury Tales (HC): Source Material

English 201: Chaucer: Canterbury Tales (McInerney) Fall 2012

Collections of Sources

British Library, Luttrell Psalter, Lord Geoffrey being armed by his wife and daughter

Here is a  film of modern people re-enacting medieval peasants activities based on illustrations from the Luttrell Psalter.

Medieval Manuscripts

Take the opportunity to look at original manuscripts from the Middle Ages in the collections at Haverford and Bryn Mawr.  Librarians in Special Collections at both schools are eager to bring material out for students to use, whether for initial exploration or for extended research.  

Haverford has just two complete medieval manuscripts which are decribed below and will be in the library class session.  Bryn Mawr has many more manuscripts in their Special Collections Library in Canaday (Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript List with descriptions).  The collection includes 11 books of hours which were the subject of a student-curated exhibit in 2008, Intimate Devotion: The Book of Hours in Medieval Religious Practice

Pemberton Bible

                    Pemberton Bible, Opening page of the Canon of the Mass                                                                                    


Chaucer Manuscript Facsimiles

Source Texts with Scholarly Studies

 Listed below you will find some suggested primary texts in translation along with recent scholarly studies that help to contextualize the original sources.