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WRPR 131: In the Wake of War (HC): Home

Writing Program 131: In the Wake of War: Literary Representations of Violence and its Aftermath (Tensuan) Spring 2012

Warriors Fighting

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The resources here will provide you with scholarly studies and background for your annotated bibliography about the Odyssey.

When you select and read articles, be aware of the following issues:

    • Expertise - What is the author's training?  Has he or she published other material in this subject area?

    • Audience - Who are the intended readers?  Is it for the general public or for college students and researchers?

    • Discipline Focus - What subject approach does the author take?  Historical, religious, literary?  If literary, is there a special interest in a particular kind of interpretation, such as linguistic, psychoanalytic or gendered?

    • Documentation - Is there a bibliography for further reading?  Are there titles there that are new to you?

    • Date - If the article was published more than 10 years ago, can you find a more recent point-of-view?

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