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Check Bryn Mawr's, Haverford's, or Swarthmore's library websites for additional resources during COVID-19.

ENGR 90: Senior Design Research Guide (SC)

This guide is designed to point you toward a variety of resources, both electronic & print, that should help you with your research for your E90 project.

Searching Google Scholar

A recent study revealed that Google Scholar had a 90% matching rate with Compendex (Engineering Index), for materials published after 1990. So using Google Scholar, perhaps in tandem with Web of Science, should get you the articles you need for any Engineering research.  Click on the Find It @ Swarthmore link to get to articles we subscribe to. Also look for PDF's in the right column, and look through "a X versions" - you can often find full-text articles even though we don't subscribe to them! Don't forget to use "QUOTES" when search for a title/phrase! Still can't find full-text? Don't forget about InterLibrary Loan! 

Additional Databases

Organizations - Digital Collections

Most Engineering organizations now offer digital access to their publications. Unfortunately, the library subscribes to very few of these packages, as they are very expensive. But each of the resources listed below offer the ability to search the organizations' publications, and usually will include an abstract in addition to citation information. If you find an article you want, always check Tripod, in case it appears in a journal we DO have. But if not, InterLibrary loan can always get you articles very quickly, delivered via email. And always run the title in Google Scholar and Google - it's amazing how many times articles show up!