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HIST 310: Political Technologies of Race and the Body (HC)

History 310: Political Technologies of Race and the Body (Friedman) Fall 2020


Handbooks and companions provide overviews of ideas, people, and events  They are a good introduction to significant issues and current points of debate.  The titles below, by and large, address topics from historiographic points of view.  When using an article in a handbook, always check its bibliography for further reading. It will provide a selective list of the books, articles, and, sometimes, primary sources.

Literature Reviews

This series provides extensive annotated bibliographies on specific topics in many different fields. They are written by scholars with the aim of introducing students to important issues and key authors. The different subject sections are all under development with new essays added twice a year. Relevant annotated bibliographies include: 

Embodied/Virtual Environments in the Anthropology Section

Embodiment in the Anthropology Section

Gender and Bodies in the Sociology Section

Space and Place in the Anthropology Section

Indigenous Ecologies in the Ecology Section

Environmental History in the Environmental Science Section

Biopolitics and State Regulation of Human Life in the Political Science Section

Michel Foucault in the Literary and Critical Theory Section

Giorgio Agamben in the Literary and Critical Theory Section

The State in the Sociology Section

Neoliberalism in US Politics in the Political Science Section

Disability in the American Literature Section

Public Health Surveillance in the Public Health Section

Reproductive Technologies in the Anthropology Section

Bioethics in the Public Health Section

Citizenship in the Anthropology Section


Doctoral students go through an exhaustive literature search when writing their dissertations. They also tend to work on new questions, sometimes ones that have received very little attention from scholars before. You can obtain many of these dissertations and benefit from all the bibliographic treasues and new ideas. Check ProQuest Dissertations & Theses to identify dissertations on your topic.