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WRPR 167: Globalization in the 21st Century (HC)

Writing Program 167: Globalization in the 21st Century (Hall) Spring 2020


Journal articles are important resources for finding scholarly ideas.  Their particular strengths include:

  • Expertise - The authors are researchers in the field of study and are responding to the latest scholarship.  Most journals have an anonymous  peer review system, so that submitted articles are accepted based on their value to researchers.  In addition reviewers recommend improvements for articles, giving readers the most accurate and well supported scholarship. 
  • Audience - The authors are writing for other researchers and college students.
  • Discipline Focus - Authors usually take a particular subject focus- for example, historical, political or literary. Within a subject discipline the author may have a special interest in a particular kind of interpretation, such as linguistics, psychology or gender studies.
  • Documentation - Authors cite the scholarship that supports the ideas they advance in the article and may also refer to scholarship with which they don't agree.
  • Currency - Because scholarly journals publish on a frequent schedule, they are often the first place that new research is made available

Searching for Journal Articles

Journal articles provide in-depth scholarly information for your research.  They are vetted and improved by peer review prior to publication.  They form an important part of the communication network that makes research available, prompts discussion, and identifies new issues to resolve.

When searching in journal databases, these strategies will get better results:

*  Truncation:  Shorten search words with an asterisk to get all the forms 
          war*  will get war/s, warrior/s, warlike

OR:  Link synonyms with OR and group them with parentheses
          (immigra* OR international*)

AND: Combine topics that you want to see together
           japan* AND popular AND culture

" " Phrase: Use quotation marks to search for words together in that order
          "united states"   "supply chain"

Focus: Choose where the database is searching.  It may be set automatically for keyword.  You can make the search more precise by looking instead for title words only or for subjects.

Putting it Together:   (globaliz* OR globalis*) [as a Subject Heading]  AND  (inequalit* OR inequit* OR exploit*) [All Subjects]  Search in Proquest Research Library limited to 1) Peer Review Articles and 2) Last 5 years of publications


Results: Look at the articles retrieved and change search terms for additional results

Journal Indexes

The databases below allow you to search for journal articles by subject. Use the filters to focus your search results by such categories as type of publication (scholarly versus popular) or by publications years.

When you find a title of interest, if the full text is not immediately available (as in JSTOR and Proquest), use the Find It button   to check for Haverford's holdings.