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WRPR 198: Arts of Extraction: Latin American Representations of Environmental Injustice (HC)

Writing Program 198: Arts of Extraction: Latin American Representations of Environmental Injustice (Leraul) Spring 2020

Richard Oulahan Latin American Labor History Collection

Haverford alumnus, Richard Oulahan, class of 1967, lived and worked in Latin America from the late 1960s through the mid-1990s.  For the most of the time period, he was employed by the American Institute of Free Labor Development, an organization affiliated with the AFL-CIO.  Oulahan retained his working library of books, reports and papers and has given them to the Haverford College Libraries.  Some of the collection is in digital form and available on the Richard Oulahan Latin American Labor History Collection website.

Selected Pamphlets from the Richard Oulahan Collection

Selected Pamphlets from the Richard Oulahan Collection


1) De la dispersion a la unidad.  Vol. 4 in the series Historia de los movimientos campesinos en Bolivia

Contributor: Centro de Servicios para el Desarrollo


2) Historia del movimiento sindical petrolero Boliviano.

Contributor: Rivera Ramirez, Jaime Augusto




3) El Papa habla a los trabajadores: Encíclica Laborem Exercens.

Contributor: Pope John Paul




4) Reserva de producción faunística Cuyabeno.  Volume 9 in the series Acciones de desarrollo y áreas naturales protegidas en el Ecuador.

Contributor: Fundación Natura


5) La selva nuestra vida: sabiduría ecológica del pueblo shuar.

Contributors: Mashinkiash Chinkias, Manuel;  Mariana Awak Tentets



El Salvador

6) The Catholic Church in El Salvador.

Contributor: Ptacek, Kerry


7) De la locura al a esperanza: La Guerra de 12 años en El Salvador.

Contributor: Informe de la Comisión de la Verdad para El Salvador


8) El Salvador Country Development Strategy Statement FY 82

Contributor: USAID El Salvador


9) The Instability of the Salvadorean Government.

Contributor: Frenti Farabundo Marti Para Liberacion Nacional.


10) Land Reform in El Salvador: Is the Democratic Alternative in Time?

Contributors: Prosterman, Roy L.; Mary Temple; Jeffrey M. Riedinger

[1980?]  Compare this with the article they published in 1981:

Land Reform in El Salvador: The Democratic Alternative

Source: World Affairs, Vol. 144, No. 1 (Summer 1981), pp. 36-54

11) The People of El Salvador Speak out.

Contributors: Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional. ; Frente Democrático Revolucionario (El Salvador)


12) Unión Comunal Salvadoreña, El Salvador.

Contributor: Unión Comunal Salvadoreña


13) La Unión Communal Salvadoreña y la reforma agrarian

Contributor: Unión Communal Salvadoreña

[after 1980?]



14) Guanchias Limitada: a case study of an agrarian reform cooperative and its long-term relationship with a multinational firm in Honduras

Contributor: McCommon, Carolyn M.


15) Las perras de Teofilito.

Contributor: Trejo, Teófilo


      Humorous stories from a man who grew up working on a banana finca and later became a leader in a farm workers' union (Central Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo)

16) El problema agrario y nuestras tareas en el campo

Contributor: Aldana, Carlos


17) Proyectos – First in a series.  [Reports on a project for housing 3,000 peasant families in Bajo Aguán]

Contributor: Instituto Nacional Agrario



Central America

18) El Salvador and Nicaragua: The AFL-CIO Views on the Controversy

Contributor: McCargar, James


19) Supporting the Democratic Center: The AFL-CIO and Central America during the 1980s

Contributor; American Institute for Free Labor Development



Latin America

20) AIFLD: Twenty-Five Years of Solidarity with Latin American Workers

Contributor: American Institute for Free Labor Development


21) American Institute for Free Labor Development : A Union to Union Program for the Americas.

Contributor: American Institute for Free Labor Development


22) Mensaje a la Tricontinental

Contributor: Che Guevara, Ernesto


23) Procedure for the Establishment of the Firm and Lasting Peace in Central America / Procedimiento para establecer la paz firme y duradera en Centroamérica

Contributor: Oficina de Apoyo de la Presidencia de la República

1987  (Text is in both Spanish and English)

24) "Reforma Agraria."  Not a pamphlet but a collection of materials about agrarian reform assembled by Richard Oulahan.  Includes reports, published papers and a newsletter from the Rural Development Institute.

[mid 1980s-mid 1990s]

25) University Labor Studies Program.

Contributor: American Institute for Free Labor Development


     Program of studies offered to Latin American labor union members in the United States