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ENGL 150: Animate Objects (HC) Spring 2015: Home

English / Writing Program 150: Animate Objects (Reckson) Spring 2015


This guide includes the list of special-collections material related to Phillis Wheatley that you consulted in class.  It also includes links to (and instructions for searching) indices and databases, which you will use to find one scholarly journal article on Frankenstein.

As you conduct your search, keep in mind the following questions to help you select high-quality and relevant resources:

  • Evidence/Purpose – What kind of resource do you need to support your argument?  How will you use that article in your own essay?  (E.g., Will you be using the resource to support or elaborate on your own argument, to contextualize your argument, or to provide a counterargument to your own?)
  • Audience – For whom is the resource intended?  Researchers, undergraduates, the general public?
  • Expertise - What is the author's training?  Has the article been reviewed by other experts in the field (i.e., has it been peer-reviewed)?
  • Timeliness - When was the article published?  Recently published works will reflect current scholarship on a topic.
  • Objectivity - Does the author present a balanced point point of view?  In other words, does the author present competing interpretations fairly or are alternative readings misrepresented in service of the author's agenda?  Does the tone seem objective or overly emotional?
  • Documentation - Does the author adequately cite other literature relevant to his or her argument?  Of what quality are these citations?  (If the author includes quality secondary sources, you can use his or her bibliography to find further resources for your own project.)

See these resources for further information on evaluating secondary literature:

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Frankenstein Frontispiece

Theodore Von Holst (1810-1844)

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