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Tripod Tools

Search Plugins

You can now search Tripod directly from the search box on your Firefox or Internet Explorer menu bar. We've created an easy-to-install search plugin that will assist you.

Simply click the appropriate link below, then click the drop down option in the upper right corner of your browser to install the plugin.

Tripod Classic

Reading History

Haven't I watched this DVD before?  What was the name of that book I checked out last semester?  Has this ever happened to you?  Then you might be interested in activating the Reading History function in tripod.  You can keep a running list of all of the books, videos, music, etc. that you borrow from the libraries, even after you return them!  You can remove individual items from the list or clear the whole list in just a few clicks. 

To access this feature, click on Login at the top of the tripod screen.  Next click the Reading History button, and then Opt in.  Everything you check out from that point on will go on the list.  As always, you can click items currently checked out to view and renew the things you've borrowed. 

The TriCollege Libraries are committed to protecting your privacy.  However, if you opt into Reading History the information contained in the file is subject to any judicial process (e.g. the Patriot Act).  However, once items are deleted from Reading History, they cannot be restored.