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Keeping Up to Date with Swarthmore's Scholarship

This guide outlines how to use Works ( to keep up with what Swarthmore's faculty are publishing.

What is Works?

Banner for, which has a garnet background and reads: Swarthmore College Works: Scholarship, Research, & Creative Expression


Works is a project that aims to collect all of the College's faculty output and research under one umbrella, in order to preserve and provide access to that research.

Some works are full text, either through being published with an open access license or from the libraries getting permission from the publisher to host the content. Other works may be free to read online only, courtesy of the publisher.

Subscribe to Updates

There are a number of ways to keep up to date with what our faculty are publishing. You can follow all Swarthmore scholarship, scholarship by department(s), or the works of individual authors. You can also subscribe to updates from our active journals and set alerts for research based on certain keywords.

Departments are regularly updated on a monthly basis, with intermittent updates. You will be emailed updates no more than once per week; if there are no new updates, you will not receive any emails.

Getting Started

1. Create an account

Navigate to "My Account" in order to create a new account or log into an existing account.

Screenshot of a website. The text reads: Create new account. You will need to create an account to complete your request. It's fast and free. There is a blue button with white text that reads "sign up"

2. Enter your account details

Enter your personal information as you would like it to appear on your account. Institutional Affiliation is optional.

A screenshot of a registration form asking for email address, name, and password

3. Confirm your account

You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your account; click on the link and then log into your account using the email address and password you registered with.

A screenshot of the login section of the page

Choose What you Follow

2. Following all Swarthmore scholarship

From the Works homepage, click on the blue "Follow" button that appears next to "Browse Works":

screenshot of the Works homepage demonstrating the placement of the "follow" button

The button will change to read "Following," indicating that you are successfully subscribed to updates for the entire repository.

3. Following individual departments

From the Works homepage, click on "Academic Departments & Programs" under "Browse Works" or from the sidebar. Select the department you wish to follow:

A screenshot of the Browse Academic Departments and Programs page

On each department's landing page, you will see a blue "Follow" button:

Screenshot of the Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty works homepage

Click on the button to subscribe to updates for this department. The button will change to read "Following," indicating that you are successfully subscribed.

4. Following individual faculty

Navigate to a citation for the faculty member you wish to follow. You can browse the total list of authors and creators from the sidebar and select a citation from the search results. Click on the blue "Follow" button that appears next to the faculty member's name:

A screenshot of an article by a Chemistry professor

The button will change to read "Following," indicating that you are successfully subscribed to updates for this author.

5. Following active journals

There are three active scholarly journals currently publishing at Swarthmore: #CritEdPol: Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore Undergraduate History Journal, and The Journal for Eastern European and Eurasian Relations.

A screenshot of the homepage for the Swarthmore Undergraduate History Journal

To subscribe to updates, navigate to the journal's homepage and click the "Follow" button. The button will change to read "Following," indicating that you are successfully subscribed to updates for this journal.

Research Alerts

You can also receive updates for saved searches. To do so, perform a search on Works' website. There are also options for running an advanced search. After running the search, click on the "save this search" button:

A screenshot of an advanced search for "gender AND film"

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the Research Alerts page, where you will be able to manage your saved searches. The Research Alerts page is also accessible from My Account.

To remove a search alert, click on the checkbox under the red "X" for the corresponding alert and click "save changes." You will be unsubscribed for notifications to this search:

A screenshot of the Research Alerts page showing how to unsubscribe from updates

Managing What you Follow

There are two ways to manage the works you are following. After you click the "Follow" button, it will change to read "Following":

A blue button that reads "follow"   A blue button with a check mark that reads "Following"

If you click on the "Following" button, it will lead you to the Follow Management page.

You can also get to the Follow Management from your account info. From My Account, click on Follow Management.

The Follow Management page allows you to see at a glance which publications and authors you are following, and allows you to remove any of of them from your subscribed updates:

A screenshot of the Follow Management page

Simply click the red "X" button to unsubscribe from updates.