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The 420 Experience: Resources and Research on Cannabis

This research guide aims to both summarize resources on campus and to provide resources for further reading based on multiple frames of analysis: health/medicine, economics, (de)criminalization, among others.

Case Study: Colorado

Colorado campaign "Good to know" banner

The Economist

Cover of The Economist from February 13, 2016

"Those (including this newspaper) who have argued that legalisation is better than prohibition will welcome the beginning of the end of the futile war on weed. Cannabis accounts for nearly half the $300 billion illegal narcotics market, and is the drug of choice for most of the world’s 250m illicit-drug users. Legalising it deprives organised crime of its single biggest source of income, while protecting and making honest citizens of consumers.
Yet the repeal of prohibition marks the start of complex arguments about how to regulate cannabis. What sound like details for bureaucrats—how to tax it, which varieties to allow, who should sell it and to whom—are questions that force policymakers to decide which of legalisation’s competing aims they value most."

The Economist, February 13, 2016:
“The right way to do drugs?”

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The Price of Weed: Legal vs. Illegal Cost

Screenshot of the cost of illegal cannabis

Screenshot of Legal cannabis cost map from the economist