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The 420 Experience: Resources and Research on Cannabis

This research guide aims to both summarize resources on campus and to provide resources for further reading based on multiple frames of analysis: health/medicine, economics, (de)criminalization, among others.

The 420 Experience

An excerpt from Hemp, by J.B. Bordley, describing the April is the best time for sowing hemp.

April, when the ground is moist, clean, and mellow, in garden-like condition from plowings and harrowings, is the time for sowing Hemp...
From "Hemp" by J.B. Bordley, page 2.

The goal of The 420 Experience is to help students navigate the current climate around marijuana by arming them with accurate and up-to-date information around health concerns, policy, and other research interests such as economical and historical perspectives.

In a preventative effort, the Worth Health Center will be hosting a campus-wide program in the evening of April 20, 2016 to address these aspects and to empower students to make form their own opinions, aiming to avoid scare tactics and other strategies that have been proven unsuccessful in the prevention of drug and alcohol issues. This research guide aims to both summarize that event and to provide resources for further reading based on multiple frames of analysis, including: medicinal use, health concerns, economic considerations, and policy and legalization, among others.

Following the speakers, a Q&A segment will close out the program, as well as suggestions on how to attain/maintain abstinence, harm reduction strategies, and other considerations.


The 420 Experience is a faculty/staff collaboration around Cannabis. Focal topics will relate to the changing landscape of our nation, economics, health & well-being, and much more.


This guide has attempted to cite all sources as clearly and accurately as possible. The following sources were utilized in the general guidance and creation of this guide:

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