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PSYC 001: Introduction to Psychology (SC)

Psychology 001: Introduction to Psychology (Schneider) Fall 2015

How to use this guide

These are selected sources useful for the assignment. The assignment is to find a media write-up of a study, trace the original journal article on which it is based, and write a review. Different types of resources are organized under the appropriate tab.

Good places to look for media writeups are collected in the Media tab. Databases are useful for finding research articles using title, author, and subject searches. Sometimes it helps to get some basic information on a subdiscipline and be familiar with its vocabulary so as to digest the paper to review it properly. Reference books and online portals are excellent for getting down fundamental concepts in short order.

Many databases link up the full article (full text) so you don't have to hunt around for it, often hitting a paywall. In the event the full article is not immediately available through the college subscriptions, an Interlibrary Loan will deliver it to your email in a few days.

Finishing up your paper will require proper documentation of your sources. The Citation tab has example for citing the major types of sources: journals, books, websites.

Online Reference Portals

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Within the library catalog (Tripod), there are many subject encyclopedias useful for gathering concise, authoritative background information on unfamiliar topics. It is straight forward to find them by searching keywords composed of the topic plus the word encyclopedia. Example: personality (handbook* OR encyclopedia*). * is the wildcard symbol that stands in for multiple characters of any kind. In this example we are simply capturing the plurals.

screenshot of tripod search for personality and handbook* or encyclopedia*