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POLS 067: Great Power Rivalry (SC): Home

Political Science 067: Great Power Rivalry in the 21st Century (Kaya) Fall 2013

Starting Points

Research Tips

  • When looking at a dataset or a statistic, ask yourself the following questions:

    - How was the data collected?  (Who collected this data?)
    - What's in there to learn?  (What are the variables? What do they mean?)
    - How reliable is the information?

    (Data literacy questions taken from The Data Journalism Handbook.)

  • When in doubt, ask a librarian or your professor!

    Librarians can help you find data, choose which databases to search, use search terms and tools and identify what kinds of sources you might like to consult. Librarians can also help with citations and avoiding plagarism.

  • Make an appointment with Sarah Elichko, the librarian for this class (and Political Science in general) by emailing selichk1@swat or stopping by the Research & Info Desk in McCabe (Mondays and Thursdays from 3-5, Wednesdays from 1-3).

  • Be aware of the political leanings of the authors whose work you are reading, especially when reading policy papers and other "grey" literature.

  • Not all news sources can be found through Google. Take a look at some of the news resources offered by the Tri-Co Libraries.

Subject Guide

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Sarah Elichko