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ARTS 103/108: Arts Foundation—Photography (HC)

ARTS 103 and 108: Arts Foundation—Photography (Williams) Fall 2017

Not in TRI-CO?

Photography Periodicals at Haverford

The following is a list of photography magazines and journals which are currently received at Haverford. Current issues are in the Periodical Reading Room. Back issues of these periodicals are retained and housed in the Phillips Wing according to their call number.

Afterimage (also online)
Aperture (also online)
Blind Spot
Camera Austria International
Contact Sheet
European Photography (also online)
History of Photography (also online)
HotShoe International
Nueva Luz 
Photo Review
Photo Review Newsletter
Photographer's Forum
View Camera

Here are some more to look through. 

New Publications


Browsing the Collection

In Tripod use the "author" search to find books by a photographer.  Use the "subject" search to find books about the photographer.

Most university and many specialized art libraries use the Library of Congress classification system.  Knowing a few of the most commonly used call numbers will allow you to browse a collection.  Many materials will fall into the following call number ranges:

     TR1              photography magazines
     TR15 -139    histories of photography
     TR647          exhibit catalogs
     TR651          photographic works or topics from years 1800-1850
     TR652          photographic works or topics from years 1851-1900
     TR653          photographic works or topics from years 1901-1950
     TR654          photographic works or topics from years 1951-2000
     TR655          photographic works or topics from years 2001-
     TR660          landscape photography
     TR681          portraits
     TR820.5       documentary photography

NOTE:  After the first section of the call number (TR654), the second section starts with a letter.  This letter will often refer to the first letter in the photographer's last name.  For example, a book about Walker Evans is classified with the call number TR654 E...

Videos & DVDs

The library has a large number of videos on the life and work of individual photographers.  The videos are located on the first tier of Magill Library.  Most of the videos will be found in the TR650s.   You can do a subject search in TRIPOD to determine if the library has videos on particular photographers.

Art Periodicals

General art magazines will often have articles and reviews related to photography. Current issues are in the Periodicals Room. Some of these magazines are:

Art in America; ARTnews; Artforum; and Modern Painters.