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HIST 004: Latin American History (SC)

History 004: Latin American History - Machuca-Gálvez (Spring 2016)

About this research guide:

You can use this guide to help find interesting and relevant sources (primary and secondary) for your research project in History 004. Librarians Roberto Vargas (Latin American Studies) and Sarah Elichko (History) are also available to talk with you about your research, answer any questions, and offer suggestions. Roberto (rvargas1) and Sarah (selichk1) frequently work with students on research-related questions, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Sources for Latin American History:

• Secondary sources / scholarly sources  - books, book chapters, journal articles

Look for:  works written by scholars, published on university presses or in academic journals

Use these sources to:  "contextualize your interpretation of the selected primary source"

provide "a persuasive justification of the study’s significance and originality"

craft "a background section/literature review that places your topic in historical perspective and situates it within the relevant literature"

How do I find secondary sources?   Start here:  research guide/ scholarly sources


Primary sources - photographs, newspaper articles, letters/correspondence, cartoons, diaries, government documents, etc.

Look for:  sources created at the time and place you're studying, or that give you a firsthand perspective of that time and place

Use these sources:  by interpreting them and contextualizing them within what you understand from secondary readings.

Primary sources do not speak for themselves- you craft an argument by asking questions and analyzing these sources.

How do I find primary sources?   Start here:  research guide/ primary sources