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History and Haverford College (HC): Primary Sources

History and Haverford College (Krippner) Summer 2013


        Historians work to identify primary source material relevant to the questions they want to investigate.  For the history of Haverford College and the impact of national and international events on the campus community, there are rich primary source materials.  Individuals and groups describe events and report their ideas in diaries, letters, articles, meeting minutes, documents, books, and more.  They also create primary sources in drawings, paintings, and photographs.

       Librarians have put together a handful of primary sources for the weekly issues that you will be studying.  The sources, for the most part, will be in your classroom and otherwise will be available for you to use in Special Collections.  The groups of sources can serve as an introduction to the historical issues and as a way to find more information 

     As you are working, whether reading a document or writing a paper, and run into a question, ask a librarian or a faculty member for advice.  Check with them in person or send an email.  It will save you time and get the information you need.  Even widely published scholars don't hesitate to ask a question when they are not familiar with the material.

Searching for More Primary Sources

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