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FREN 275: Improving Mankind: Enlightened Hygiene and Eugenics (BMC)

FREN 275: Improving Mankind: Enlightened Hygiene and Eugenics (Le Mentheour) Fall 2014

Books on Hygiene, Domestic Management & Sanitation in the Bryn Mawr Special Collections

The Special Collections Department at Bryn Mawr includes a large number of 18th, 19th and early 20th century books on household management, health, hygiene and sanitation, in both English and French.  The books listed on this guide are not a comprehensive list of everything related to the topics, but it includes the major works that relate to the themes of this course. 

Special Collections is open from 9:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, and 9:00 to 8:00 on Wednesdays except during Fall and Spring Break.  Emailing or calling in advance is recommended to ensure that the books you want to use will be ready for you. 

Below:  Frontispiece illustrations from Harriette Merrick Plunkett's Women, Plumbers, and Doctors, or, Household Sanitation.   (New York : D. Appleton and Co., 1885.)

Subject Guide

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