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HIST 333: History and Fiction (HC)

History 333: History and Fiction (Saler) Spring 2022

Fraudulent but Popular

         Li Hung Chang with Lord Salisbury and Lord Curzon, photograph in The Memoirs of Li Hung Chang, 1913  (Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public domain).  The book was quite successful until it was revealed that the American "editor" invented it all from his imagination.  See the article "Cui Malo? Cui Bono? Reflections on a Literary Forgery: The Case of The Memoirs of Li Hung Chang."


This guide focuses on research strategies and resources for your papers.  Use the searches and linked examples as jumping off points for exploration.

The Journal Articles and Books pages give you tools for accessing published scholarship.  The Historiography and Background Information pages will help in developing your research questions and understanding the broader context for your specific topic. The Primary Source pages provide major source collections online and special collections libraries and archives as beginning points for exploration.