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ENVS 032: China, Brazil, and the Global Food Environment (SC)

Environmental Studies 032: China, Brazil, and the Global Food Environment - Olivera (Fall 2017)

About this Research Guide

This guide highlights research tools and strategies for ENVS 032. You'll find recommendations for journal article databases, handbooks, finding data, and more.

Exploring topic ideas?  
Start with Scholarly Conversation & Overviews. 

The Conversations & Overviews page recommends books and articles that provide overviews of scholarship on different topics. You can use these sources to get a sense for how scholars in political ecology (and other disciplines) have thought about a particular issue over time.

Research Advice

You can talk with a librarian about your research interests and get advice on finding good sources.

Sarah Elichko (Social Sciences Librarian)

• Office hours: Tuesdays, 11-1 + Wednesdays, 1-3
  -- Held at the Research & Info Desk in McCabe
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Other Ways to Get Research Advice

Research & Info Desk Schedule (RIAs and librarians)
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