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Connect to EasyBib

The EasyBib EDU coupon code for Bryn Mawr students is: brynmpa939

The EasyBib EDU coupon code for Swarthmore students is: SwartPA917

See the registration instructions for details on how to apply your coupon code.


What are citation-management tools and why should I use one?

Citation-management tools allow you to:

  • Save citations for use in current and/or future assignments and other projects
  • Organize citations into folders in order to customize bibliographies by topic or project
  • Add notes and additional metadata to citations
  • Share citations with others
  • Store citations online and gain access to them from multiple devices or locations

What is EasyBib?

  • EasyBib is a free citation tool that allows you to generate citations in MLA and organize and share them in bibliographies
  • EasyBib EDU accounts can generate citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and many other citation styles. EDU accounts have all the organizational tools of an individual account, as well as access to a notetaking and organizing tool

Introductory Tutorial