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PEAC 231: Thinking Differently: Politics and Practices of Neurodiversity (HC): Journal Articles

Peace, Justice and Human Rights 231: Thinking Differently: Politics and Practices of Neurodiversity (Rosenblatt) Spring 2018

Group Identity

Autism Pride Flag, selected in online voting in 2015  (Source: Wikimedia Commons, )

Journal Indexes

The databases below allow you to search for journal articles by subject.  When you find a title of interest, if the full text is not immediately available (as in JSTOR and Proquest), use the Find It button   to check for Haverford's holdings.

See the Search Tips tab for examples of ways to develop terminology and construct search statements.

Tracking Citations Forward in Time with Cited Reference Indexes

Why Use Journal Articles?

Scholarly journal articles are important sources of information offering:

  • Originality.  Provides new evidence and interpretations.

  • Authoritativeness.  Written by researchers for their peers.

  • Documentation.  Cites key scholarship in footnotes that you can check.

  • Reliability.  Reviewed by editors for significance and accuracy.

  • Conciseness.  Presents an argument directly since length is often limited to 40 pages or less.

  • Engagement.  Responds to issues and adds to an ongoing dialog.

  • Currency.  Treats recent issues more quickly than books due to publishing schedules

Journal Indexes for Regions of the World and Cultural Groups