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HLTH 305: The Logic and Politics of Global Health (HC) Fall 2018

Health Studies 305: The Logic and Politics of Global Health (West)

Primary Sources in Global Health

For the purposes of this course, primary sources may include: 

Technical reports (including qualitative and quantitative data)

NGO publications (including websites)

Government documents (contemporary or historical)

Health education materials

...and more!                     


CDC Global Health Promotion, Liberia 2014

What is a Primary Source? (general guidelines)

primary colored housesPrimary sources are firsthand accounts of events or conditions during a particular period, often recorded contemporaneously by participants or observers.

Written documents:

  • Diaries and journals
  • Blogs
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Speeches and sermons
  • Manuscripts
  • Notes (and other written materials describing experienced or observed events)
  • Autobiographies and memoirs describing experienced or observed events (in hindsight)
  • Newspaper articles
  • Maps

Multimedia sources:

  • Photographs, films, videos
  • News broadcasts and transcripts
  • Audio recordings documenting contemporary events
  • Music, television shows, advertisements

Physical artifacts:

  • Art objects
  • Costumes
  • Buildings, monuments, etc.
  • Public opinion polls, television shows, movies, music, best-sellers, advertisements - anything that provides a cultural, psychological, or sociological snapshot of a certain time period