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Searching Using Web of Science

Citation Searching

Citation indexes allows you to trace the impact of an article upon later publications.

To find articles that have cited a particular paper, you can do a cited reference search:

   1. Select Cited Reference Search from the Basic Search drop down menu:


2. Because citations in reference lists can sometimes be incorrect, it’s a good idea to search with as little information as possible. A search by author name and cited work is usually adequate.

3. Complete the form then click on Search.

Author: Enter the first author, last name first, followed by a space, the first initial, and the truncation symbol (asterisk): Fuller R*. Another option is to click on Select From Index to browse the author index.

Cited Work: For a journal title, click on Journal Abbreviations List to find the correct abbreviation. When using these indexes, click on the Add icon beside the abbreviation to search, then click on the OK button at the bottom of the page to add the selections to the search page.

Cited Year: The cited year is one of the most commonly incorrect parts of a citation. You might want to try your search both with and without the year to compare your results. 


4. From the list provided, select all those that might be the citation in question, then click Finish Search.