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POLS 214: Bureaucracy and Democracy (HC): Reports & Organizations

Political Science 214: Bureaucracy and Democracy (Oberfield) Spring 2020

Finding Think Tanks and Their Reports

Professional Organizations

Look for professional organizations connected to the issues around which your group focuses.  You will find a variety of information including best practices, advice on working with other groups and agencies, discussions of concerns and new developments, and inside views of the work involved.  Examples of professional organizations include:

NACPRO  The National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials

PHADA  Public Housing Authorities Directors Association

NAHRO  National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

Government as Watchdog - Dr. Frances O. Kelsey


As a medical officer in the FDA, she pushed in 1960 to investigate a new sedative recommended for pregnant women.  She uncovered the dangers of Thalidomide (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

U.S. Government Documents