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CITY 254: Modern Architecture (BMC)

CITY 254 History of Modern Architecture; Prof. Taryn Mudge; Fall 2019

Evaluating Secondary Sources

When evaluating your sources, don't forget to check for CRAAP (an acronym for the general categories of criteria to use when evaluating information and sources)

Currency: When was it published? Other more recent sources?

Relevance: Does the information answer your research question? Appropriate for the assignment? Does the   source add something new to your knowledge of the topic?

Authority: What are the author’s credentials? Do other books and authors use this source?

Accuracy: Are there statements that you know are false? Errors? Has the work been reviewed (peers or editor)? Does the author have citations and sources?

 Purpose: What is the author’s purpose e.g. to sell, entertain or inform? Is there an obvious bias? Are there  alternative views presented? Does the author omit data or facts that may contradict their argument?