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ARTS 251: Photography: Materials and Techniques (HC) Fall 2017

ARTS 251: Photography: Materials and Techniques (Williams) Spring 2017

Resources for Photography

Haverford College Libraries have very broad collections in photography with significant depth in a variety of specific areas.  Not only is there an extensive collection of photography books filling the Philips Wing and other areas in Magill Library, but Special Collections has over 2500 prints, many by well-known photographers such as Walker Evans and Nan Goldin

This guide lays out tools and strategies for accessing Haverford's photography resources as well as those in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  These materials can also provide ways to critically analyze the work of a photographer or the development of a technique.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Julie Coy or Margaret Schaus (email addresses in the right column) for assistance with finding more material for your research paper.


.30 Bullet piercing an apple, 1964 by Harold Eugene Edgerton

Photographs held by Haverford

When you have selected a print or prints you wish to view, you can arrange to see the print by contacting or going into Special Collections during their open hours Monday through Friday.

Photographs Held by the Philadelphia Museum of Art