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EALC 335: Japanese Modernism Across Media (HC/BMC)

East Asian Languages & Cultures 335: Japanese Modernism Across Media (Schoneveld) Fall 2016

Helpful Materials for Using Omeka

How to embed a Neatline into an Omeka exhibit

Copy and paste the following HTML into the text box editor where you want to embed the iframe:

< iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="/japanesemodernism/neatline/fullscreen/path-to-your-neatline" width="800" height="600">< /iframe>

You will need to remove the space between "<" and "iframe" (this is the only way I could get the code to display), replace "path-to-your-neatline" in the url, and you may need to play with the height and width a bit as well.

Useful Resources

Guide to Light-Rights Media

ArtStor Shared Shelf

Wikimedia Commons

Flickr Commons

How to add an Omeka item:

(Please note that at the end of the video, I checked the public option for the item that I added. Ignore this and leave your items private.)

How to Add an Omeka Item on Vimeo.

Neatline video

This video is a demonstration for another class, but it does walk you through the process of adding a Neatline record to a background image.