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ANTH 043F: Religion and Culture in Africa (SC)

Anthropology 043F: Religion and Culture in Africa - Christy Schuetze (Spring 2016)

Subject headings?

Strategies to try: find more relevant books using Tripod

• Identify subjects that are related to your research interests

Use the individual subject links to browse books on related topics.

For example, one of the subjects assigned to Guns & RainNational liberation movements > Zimbabwe.

• Do subject searches in Tripod, in addition to keyword searches.
Subject searches help find books that focus substantially on a particular topic, as opposed to just referencing it occasionally.

Compare these results:
Tripod keyword search for Zimbabwe  (more results, but less focused)
Tripod subject search for Zimbabwe  (fewer results, more focused)

• To find books from a particular time period (e.g. more recently published works), use the Year of Publication limit.

Tripod subject search for Zimbabwe, limited to books published from 2000-present.

• Expand or narrow your search results geographically by using the Region limit.

Tripod keyword search for religion, limited by region to Africa, Sub-Saharan.