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ANTH/ HLTH 213: Bioethics and Social Justice (HC)

Anthropology/ Health Studies 213: Bioethics and Social Justice (Roebuck) Fall 2016

Digital tools

All of the following links are browser-based and free tools for creating public digital projects. To use most of them, you will need to create an account with each service using your email address or Facebook account, etc. These tools and others like them are easy to use and extremely convenient, but this always comes at a price. Be sure to read their Terms of Service, most of which include clauses that reserve the right of the host to use your content any way they wish, before you agree to them. Check out "Terms of Service, Didn't Read" for a broad outline of various TOS agreements.

If you have questions about how to present your research or technical issues you cannot resolve, please do not hesitate to contact a librarian!

Thinking visually