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ANTH 103: Introduction to Anthropology (HC)

Anthropology 103: Introduction to Anthropology (Kelly) Spring 2018

Images of Early Anthropology

Anthropologist Dr. Margaret Mead studying a decorated Tchambul skull, by John Loengard 1968 New York City (Source: Life photo archive)

Theory and Key Concepts


For practical advice and resources about ethnographic fieldwork, check out the fieldwork guide.

Background on Anthropology

The following sources provide overviews of ideas in anthropology. When using an article in an encyclopedia or handbook, always check the bibiliography for further reading at the end of the article. It will provide a selective list of the books, articles, and, frequently, Web resources considered to be the most up-to-date and reliable. These kinds of background guides offer a good start for your research and often will also provide a broader perspective in which to situate your research.