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RELG 398: Senior Thesis Seminar (HC)

Religion 398: Senior Thesis Seminar Part I (Wiley)

Religion Compass

This journal is devoted to the study of religion, and all of the articles are written in the form of literature reviews.  Specialists analyze the issues involved in a particular question and discuss individual books, journal articles, and other scholarship that are essential for research in that area.  Browse or search the journal website for overviews related to your research topic.  The bibliographies accompanying articles in Religion Compass will lead you to relevant  sources for further reading.  Other Compass titles, like History Compass and Literature Compass, may have useful articles as well.

If you don't find a relevant literature review in History Compass, check for titles in Dissertations and Theses (see below).  Most doctoral students will write a chapter of their dissertation in which they survey the available scholarship on their topic.

Finding Journal Articles

Journal articles provide in depth scholarly information.  They are vetted and improved by peer review.  They are usually fairly short in length and focused on discussing one specific issue.  The following indexes are good places to find journal articles about religion.

Use the Find It button           in these indexes to find out if the journal articles are available in the Tri-College libraries. If the journal is not listed in Tripod, use the Find It request form or the Interlibrary Loan Request Form on Tripod to have a copy of the article sent to you from another library.

    Discipline-Specific Indexes

These indexes are particularly good for accessing the scholarly literature of a particular discipline, i.e., articles written by religion scholars, historians, anthropologists, or other kinds of researchers.

Cited References-for finding publications that cite a scholar's work

Don't Forget!

When you have a selected book or article, check out their bibliography and their footnotes/endnotes. This will help you add to your growing list of articles and other sources. 

Having TROUBLE finding an article? For journal articles not available in the three colleges, use the Article Delivery form. In around 3 days you will receive a digital copy of the requested articles in your email.

Additional Subject Databases