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Navigating the libraries: a guide for first-year students at Swat

How to find books: using Tripod effectively

To find a book, use Tripod, the library catalog for the TriCo Libraries. You can request books from Bryn Mawr and Haverford, and they'll be delivered to Swarthmore within a day or two. You'll get an email when the books come in.

1. Search Tripod to find books on your topic.
2. Once you've found a book that looks relevant, check to see whether the book is available at Swarthmore:
If it says S McCabe, find the Call Number. This will tell you where to find the book in the library.

Call Numbers in McCabe Library:

A-G call numbers - Lower Level of McCabe (below the main floor)
H-K call numbers - Level 2 (above the main floor)
L-Z call numbers - Level 3


If the book you want is only available from (Haverford / Magill) or B (Bryn Mawr / Canaday), click the Request link.

After logging in, complete the request process to have the book delivered to you at Swarthmore within 48 hours (usually faster).

Finding books in McCabe: a few exceptions

S McCabe Ref   Books in the Reference section (example) are found on the main level of McCabe.

S McCabe +   Oversize books (example) are shelved separately. They'll be on the same floor as the non-oversize books in their call number range (e.g. you'll find a +G book on the lower level).

S McCabe ++   Double oversize books (example) are all found on the 3rd level of McCabe.