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Navigating the libraries: a guide for first-year students at Swat

Common questions for first-year students

I'd like to read a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper, but it's behind a paywall. Does Swarthmore subscribe to it? (For example, The Economist or The New York Times.)

• To see if Swarthmore subscribes, go to Tripod and search for the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper.

• Then look for a "Connect from Swarthmore" link in the Tripod search results.

screenshot of search results in tripod


I'm starting to work on a paper. How do I find scholarly sources? Where do I start?
Here are 3 ways to proceed:

• Your best bet is to talk with a librarian or a peer Research & Info Associate. Find office hours and contact info here.

• Try searching Tripod for keywords related to your topic. You'll see results in 2 columns - books on the left, articles on the right.

• Take a look at Research Guides. TriCo librarians maintain this website, which provides advice and links for finding academic research that you can cite in papers.


I'd like to borrow a book, but it's not available from the library. Can I get it?

• First, double-check Tripod - is the book available at Haverford or Bryn Mawr? If so, click the Request link and it will be delivered to you at Swarthmore.

• If the book isn't available at all from Tripod, you can use EZBorrow to request the book from a nearby academic library (like Temple or Drexel). Usually books from EZBorrow arrive within 3-5 days.

• If the book isn't available from EZBorrow, fill out the online Interlibrary Loan form to request it. This usually takes about a week.