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HIST 001R: Remembering History (SC)

History 001R: First-Year Seminar - Remembering History - Bruce Dorsey - Fall 2018

How to pick a news or magazine database

Types of sources Dates Use database:
Major and local US newspapers 1990s-present Access World News
Major US newspapers 1880s-1990s Proquest Historical News
Major and local US newspapers 1690s-1920s America's Historical News
Magazines, trade journals, and popular periodicals (US) 1700s-early 1900s American Periodicals Series
Popular general-interest magazines (US) 1900s - mid-2000s Readers' Guide Retrospective
Magazines (e.g. New Yorker, The Nation, Harper's, The Weekly Standard) Late 1800s-present Opinion Archives


How to find a specific major newspaper

‚ÄčHow to Find a Newspaper: 

  • Search Tripod for the newspaper title in double quotes (e.g. "Washington Post").

  • Select the "Connect from Swarthmore" link - this will direct you to Swarthmore's subscription.

Selected Major Titles:

Newspaper Dates Use database:
New York Times 1851-2013            Proquest Historical News
New York Times 2013-Present Tripod (NYT website + Academic Pass)
Chicago Tribune 1889-1991 Proquest Historical News
Los Angeles Times 1881-1991 Proquest Historical News
Los Angeles Times 1992-Present LexisNexis
Wall Street Journal 1889-1997 Proquest Historical News
Wall Street Journal 1998-Present Use link from Tripod
Washington Post 1877-1998 Proquest Historical News
Washington Post 1999-Present LexisNexis
Philadelphia Inquirer 1829-1922 America's Historical Newspapers
Philadelphia Inquirer 1981-Present Access World News
Philadelphia Tribune 1912-2011 Proquest Historical News
Philadelphia Tribune 1991-Present Ethnic News Watch (Proquest)
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin 1908-1975 Urban Archives online clippings files (searchable; does not include every article)