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WRPR 101: Finding a Voice (HC): Art and Art History

Writing Program 101: Finding a Voice: Identity, Environment, and Intellectual Inquiry (Ladva) Fall 2019

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Encyclopedia and Companion Series

The companion and handbook genre is a publication type that has flourished in the last decade.  The goal is for leading scholars to provide a thorough description of the subject matter of a field while also giving the most current interpretations of key questions.  Each essay in a companion reflects an important subject facet and identifies the books and articles which are crucial for a greater understanding.   Companions for English include:

Cambridge Introductions – 29 titles

Oxford Companions and Handbooks - 68 titles         

Blackwell Companions to Literature & Culture - ~94 titles  

Cambridge Companions to Literature - ~200 titles                                                                                                                             


Oxford Art Online  - Articles and images about artists, themes, styles and national developments


Image Sources

Journal Indexes

Major Journals

Art History

Paul Klee, Temple Gardens (Source: Wikimedia Commons, open access)

Associations and Conferences

Staying Current