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WRPR 101: Finding a Voice (HC): Psychology

Writing Program 101: Finding a Voice: Identity, Environment, and Intellectual Inquiry (Ladva) Fall 2019

Psychology Databases

PsycINFO is the most important subject-specific databasefor finding peer-reviewed articles in the behavioral sciences. Databases harvest authoritative information on a regular and timely basis, give information a structure to pinpointing where various pieces of information resides, outfit them with a smart search interface that allows for results filtering, making information easy to find. For example, in PsycINFO you can refine results by empirical articles or literature review articles, saving you time. All databases are equipped with tools to help you manage your results such as saving and citing your search results.

PsycINFO Tutorials

American Psychological Association (APA) is the world's largest professional organization for psychology professionals and the producer of PsycINFO.

Below are some quick tutorials from APA on the structure (what fields are indexed), the scope (what kinds of topics are in it) and the best ways to search.

Using PsycINFO at Haverford

Professional Associations

Professional organizations are rich sources of accessible information for key topics in the discipline,  industry news, and career-related information. Check on these sites for conferences, events and career development opportunities.

Psychology News Sites


Top Journals in General Psychology


Introduction to the Discipline