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WRPR 101: Finding a Voice (HC): Math

Writing Program 101: Finding a Voice: Identity, Environment, and Intellectual Inquiry (Ladva) Fall 2019

MathSciNet User Guide

Where to find basic information & resources

Math Citation Conventions

Math Databases

Math Journals with Expository Articles

These are recommended math journals that publish articles that are credible and accessible to undergraduate math students.

Math Blogs & News

Many excellent blogs exist and their value depends on what you seek. Brie Feingold published an essay on the utility of blogs and cited outstanding examples for each purpose in the Feb/March issue of MAA FOCUS. The article and the associated blogroll is an excellent place for find just the blog you need.

Professional Associations & Conferences

Each of the mathematics professional organization has its own meetings, but the largest mathematics meeting is Joint Mathematical Meeting (JMM),  the annual hosted jointly by the AMS and MAA in January. Other smaller societies will have sessions there as well. For example, in Jan 2015, the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), the National Association for Mathematicians (NAM), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).