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ANTH 450: Senior Seminar (HC)

Anthropology 450: Senior Thesis Seminar (Noonan-Ngwane) Fall 2018

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Introductions to Theory

When you have fieldwork experiences to analyze and interpret, it is often helpful to think about them within a theoretical framework that has been defined by anthropologists and discussed within the field.  When you read the anthropological literature related to your topic, you will see what theoretical approaches anthropologists in the past found helpful for thinking about your topic.  If you are having trouble finding literature that is on your specific topic, you may need to think comparatively (e.g., Not finding literature on the transition from socialism in Cuba, since Cuba is nominally still socialist?  What about the literature on the transition from socialism in China, Russia, Hungary, and Poland?).  

In addition you may need to consider the work of anthropologists you have read in classes.  The books below will introduce you to additional theorists and the issues which they analyzed.  Consider also theory beyond anthropology to include cultural and social theory in general as represented by the Blackwell Companion and the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.