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WRPR 120: Evolutionary Arguments (HC)

Writing Program 120: Evolutionary Fictions (Schilling) Spring 2014

Background & Statistics

Use the following sources as good starting points for your research: for statistics, background information, genomics news, and more. 

The list of agencies and organizations is a good place to start your research on a particular topic.  For example, the National Human Genomics Research Institute is a portal for various sources of information on human genomics research, including a database of key genome statutes and legislation

Another example is Pediatric Genetics website including findings on genetic and environmental factors and birth defects or other pregnancy outcomes embedded in the NCBDDD website.

For additional information, please see the general Research Guides page.  (For example, you might use the Government Information guide to find legal decisions, legislation, and so on.)  To find other information available on the Web, see the Web Searching tab.

Genomics Background Information Sources

Genomics is the elucidation of the functioning, structure of all the genes (genome), their interactions, and their effect on health and development in living organisms. See the WHO explanation of the difference between genetics and genomics at

Genomics News

Organizations & Agencies

Government agencies and non-profits are rich sources for statistics, and information on educational and research programs .