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HIST 237: Geographies of Witchcraft and the Occult in Early Modern Europe (HC): Visual Sources

History 237: Geographies of Witchcraft and the Occult in Early Modern Europe (Hayton) Spring 2017

Visual Resources

Journal Articles in Art History

To find journal articles about art history topics, use these indexes for art:

 Bibliography of the History of Art, its continuation, International Bibliography of Art, and Art Index 

as well as these multi-disciplinary databases:  JSTOR and Proquest Research Library. 

Examples of journal articles from Proquest that combine historical issues with art or images include:

"The Demonic Arts and the Origin of the Medium."  Michael Cole.  Art Bulletin 84, 4 (2002): 621-640.

Abstract:  Although we tend to treat the medium as a modern notion, it was possible to think about the topic in earlier periods as well. This essay looks at one place where that possibility emerges, in the discussion of art that appear in the literatures of magic and demonology. The article considers two models on which both demonologists and artists understood the medium: as the usually invisible yet always perceptible "air" that joins all things, and as the "binds" that could ensnare and move the targets of one's spells.

Books in Art History


                                                                   Source: Wikimedia Commons

A 1642 engraving presents the Essex witch hunter, Matthew Hopkins, with two witches and their familiars.