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ECON 001: Introduction to Economics (SC)

Economics 001: Introduction to Economics (Brusentsev) - Fall 2013 - Sections 6 & 8

Where to find scholarly articles in Economics

Tips for Finding Articles Using EconLit

Problem:  Too many search results

  • Option 1: Find the sidebar on the right side of the search results page.  Limit your search to just scholarly journal articles. 

  • Option 2: You can use the sidebar to limit your search to specific journals (use the list provided at the right for guidance).

Problem:  Not enough search results

  • Option 1:  Try searching for synonyms and alternate terms.  Check out the search tips page in this Research Guide for help.

  • Option 2:  Click on the full results page for one relevant article.  Scroll down to the "Indexing" section and look at the "Subjects."  If any of those subjects seem related to your topic, click on them to run a search for other articles in that same category.  Or copy and paste the relevant subject heading(s) into the EconLit search box (click "Advanced" to get back to it).  Change the drop-down menu from "All terms" to "Subject Heading (all)."

  • Option 3:  Go to the Advanced Search box and change the drop-down menu from "All terms" to "Document text" - this will let you search within the full text of some articles, which should increase your search results.

Recommended Journals