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EALC 299: Modern Japanese Literature and Film (HC)

East Asian Languages and Cultures 299: Modern Japanese Literature and Film (Schoneveld) Fall 2013

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Films available in the Tri-Co

To find the films that are held in the Tri-co go to  the Videos and Dvds tab in Tripod Classic.  The default is a Title searchA useful feature is under the Browse Videos section.  The second option allows you to search by country.  After selecting your country you will be presented with our film collection arranged by dozens of genres.  The category Feature Films pulls together most of our non-documentary films into one listing.


1: Many films have never been tranferred into Dvds.

2: Many Dvds do not have English subtitles. (most of the Tri-co holdings do have English subtitles)

3: If the film that you are looking for is not available in the Tri-co contact James Gulick or Arleen Zimmerele (the Film Studies libriarian at Bryn Mawr) for assistance.