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PHIL 051: Human Rights and Atrocities (SC)

Activist-focused Guides

Advice for planning events on-campus at Swarthmore

(Adapted from the Student Activities Plan an Event page)

Start by selecting a date, time, and location

Keep in mind that other scheduled events might impact participation in your event. Reserve space on campus for your event.

Another location to consider, besides those mentioned on the reserve space page, is the McCabe Library 2nd floor exhibits area. This space often houses student-curated exhibits. Contact Susan Dreher ( to see if this space is available for your exhibit. The McCabe Video Classroom (3rd floor) can be reserved for film screenings. Contact Annette Newman ( to see if the Video Classroom is available. (If you'd like to screen a film, look at this page for information about running a screening.)

Get sponsors and secure funding

Funding sources may include the Student Budget Committee, Social Affairs Committee, Forum for Free Speech, Student Council, or other student organizations, academic departments, and/or other administrative offices. For parties, study breaks and the like, we recommend that requests be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event. Contact the SBC if you need payment for services and make check requests in advance. Do not pay for professional services out of pocket.

You may want to browse the A-Z list of departments and offices to find potential on-campus partners and co-sponsors.

To find off-campus partners that work on genocide awareness, take a look at this resource page.

Reserve equipment and make any special requests

If you need sound equipment, contact Rattech, or Media Services at For space set-up, contact facilities at Some decorations and supplies may be available from SAC. Allow enough time to order food if applicable.

Publicize the event

Post the event on the campus calendar. (This is particularly important for encouraing faculty and staff to attend.)

More information can be found in the Student Activities on-line guide to event publicity.