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PHIL 051: Human Rights and Atrocities (SC)

One Million Bones

During the Fall 2012 semester, three students in Philosophy 051 teamed up with a national organization called One Million Bones that made fake bones as part of a genocide awareness raising project. Students scheduled an event in the Schueur Room where participants made fake bones, mailed them to the national organization, and then the organization displayed them on the National Mall this summer. The project continued after the class was over, with additional workshops for making and sending fake bones.

From the event description:

"One Million Bones is a large-scale social arts practice, which uses art making to raise awareness of genocides and atrocities going on around the world. The goal is to collect one million bones to create a mass grave in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. this spring. The installation will serve to remember victims and survivors, and to raise awareness of the issue.

The Bezos Family Foundation has generously pledged to donate $1 per bone made, so please help us try to make as many bones as possible! The donations go directly to two CARE International Schools in DR Congo and Somalia"

Remembering: A Film and Cooking Demonstration

For this project, two students created a short film in which they portrayed journalists imagining how they might report on the Rwandan genocide if they had been there witnessing it. As part of an on-campus screening of the film, the filmmakers led a Rwandan cooking demonstration.