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History and Haverford College (HC)

History and Haverford College (Krippner) Summer 2013

Pacifism and Social Action


Edward Needles Hallowell, a Quaker and officer with the 54th Massachusetts, a regiment made up of White and Black abolitionists dramatized in the film Glory.  He and his brother Norwood (a graduate of Haverford College) joined the army because of their opposition to slavery.  See letters written by Edward Hallowell in Special Collections.


 Haverford Service Unit, circa 1917.  Students were prepared for non-combatant roles in World War I and the post-war period.


Eva Rae Marshall dressed in native clothing from Ramallah

Women in the relief and Reconstruction program learn to repair a car engine, 1945

Vietnam War Protest, 1967

Civil rights activist Bayard Rustin with Haverford President John Coleman and students, 1969

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